Fashion that doesn't cost the earth. SHOP WOMENS Style meets sustainability. SHOP MENS The fabric of the future. SHOP ACCESSORIES UV Resistant, antimicrobial
and breathable.
Hypoallergenic and dyed using
sustainable methods.

Why Hemp?

Hemp clothing is created from the hemp plant, a sustainable crop that does not require chemicals or pesticides.  The hemp plant has a very fast growth cycle, requires little amounts of water and replenishes the soil with nutrients.  Hemp absorbs more CO2 and releases more oxygen back into the environment more than any other industrial crop.  It is very kind to Mother Nature compared to some other fibres used in the fashion industry!


Hemp fabric is up to four times more durable than cotton so your garments last much longer.


Hemphouse garments get softer with each wash for maximum comfort.


Hemp has natural UV resistance making it perfect for outdoor wear.


All our clothing is free from microplastics which damage the environment.


Hemp fabric is naturally antimicrobial making it odour-resistant and great for sensitive skin.


Hemp’s breathability and moisture-wicking properties help you keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

Free freight for purchases over $100 within NZ!


Wonhong Park

The Velocity Shirt is a must-have item, which can be worn for any occasion in any season. Versatile and very comfortable. I also like the sustainability factor!


The Origin Tee is such an awesome T-shirt! Great fit and very comfy. Can wear for a long time without getting sweaty!


I love my Sail skirt! Such a beautiful and easy skirt to wear with anything. Amazing quality and nice and light to wear in summer.

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