No Broadcast - Away

Releasing their new single “Away” in partnership with Hemphouse NZ.
No Broadcast is a music collective formed in 2012 who continue to push and evolve the blending of alternative rock and post-rock into their own forms and sonics. The emergence of their sound is a blend of the delicate tones of Sigur Ros with the denser texture of Mogwai while also dipping into the realm of Radiohead and the Veils.
Their new single “Away” is the third single from their upcoming album, Lie in Orbit. The track speaks of the feeling one has when away from the comfort of home but knowing it is never far away.

Collaboration with Hemphouse

Eschewing traditional release formats like vinyl, CDs and digital, No Broadcast and Hemphouse have teamed up to create a blend of music and clothing with a sustainable interactive hemp T-Shirt.
Each piece sold will contain the new single “Away” etched into the product itself, as well as an exclusive QR code which you can scan to listen to the track and find out more about the project. The idea is to create a sustainable, multifunctional, interactive product that pays homage to the past through textiles whilst simultaneously looking to our digital future.
The T Shirt is available in a variety of sizes (S,M,L,XL,XXL) and colours (black and white) as well as Male and Female fits.

Why Hemp?

Hemp clothing is created from the hemp plant, a sustainable crop that does not require chemicals or pesticides. The hemp plant has a very fast growth cycle, requires little amounts of water and replenishes the soil with nutrients. Hemp absorbs more CO2 and releases more oxygen back into the environment more than any other industrial crop. It is very kind to Mother Nature compared to some other fibres used in the fashion industry!
  • Hemp fabric is up to four times more durable than cotton so your garments last much longer.
  • Hemp fabric is naturally antimicrobial making it odour-resistant and great for sensitive skin.
  • Hemp’s breathability and moisture-wicking properties help you keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

Listen to No Broadcast on Spotify

QR Code

Scan the QR Code on the sleeve of the Tee to access the No Collab LinkTree page with a link to their new single Away.

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